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      Service line400-1088-778 • 0757-85588578


      Aging Oven
      Aging oven is the aging treatment equipment which is used after the extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles. Aims to rapidly improve the strength of aluminum alloy profiles and to meet all requirements of the use of indicator. It is conducive to the operation of subsequent handling, storage and transportation for the profile, but also to the benefit of the normal use of end customers.
      Service line

      400-1088-778 / 0757-85588578

      Main Features:

      1. Uses a special sealing design, with the feature of good sealability.
      2. Fast heating, high efficiency and stability and low energy consumption.

      Main Technical Parameters

      Basket Qty
      Productivity of Single Basket
      Heating Fuel
      natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas , light diesel oil

      NOTES: Customized design according to customers’ demand. These parameters are for conventional configuration. The actual parameters of the equipment are subject to the ex- factory products. Please provide clear indication in the contract for any special requirements.

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